Preschool Parent Cue: God is always with me

This month, preschoolers are exploring the life of Moses and learning that God is always with them. What a powerful lesson for our preschoolers to grasp! They start off early in Moses’ life when Pharaoh’s daughter found him in a basket. They’ll journey through his adventures to see his leadership of the Israelites, the parting of the Red Sea and even learn about the manna that falls from heaven. The whole time, we’ll be emphasizing the fact that God was with Moses and He is with them too.

God is with them at home, in the park and at church. He’s with them when they’re afraid, when they’re happy and even when they’re sad. God is with them… always! Let’s pray for our preschoolers to embrace this powerful truth and know that God is always with them. Our memory verse is from Joshua 1:9, “God is with you wherever you go.”

Parents, if you’ve never used the Parent Cue before, then I encourage you to start now. For preschoolers to truly understand that God is ALWAYS with them, they need to be reminded at home, not just at church. At Fair Oaks, we want to partner with you to help your kids get a first look at who God is, how much He loves them, and how they can have a personal relationship with an awesome God!

Download the Parent Cue by clicking here to find out exactly what your preschooler is learning about this month. You’ll find fun ways to reinforce the bottom line at home through play time, bath time and even time in the car.

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